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Oak (Year 4)

Welcome to the Year 4 Oak class page!

A warm welcome from the Oak Class team

Charlotte Mills - Photo coming soon

Our topic for Summer 1 is ‘The Romans’.

This half term the children will learn about the Romans. They will read the legend of the founding of Rome and discover how important the Roman Army was in the expansion of the Roman Empire to Britain. They will look at what made the Roman army so powerful and learn about the significant Romans who influenced and made the army great. They will examine artefacts which will help them to understand what life was like for people in Roman Britain. They will discover the reasons why Boudicca led an uprising against the Romans and learn how the Roman ideas still impact on our lives today.



Please check out our topic key learning where you will find

the ‘key’ knowledge we will learn in Summer 1.

Our topic in Spring 2 was ‘Amazing America’.

We learnt about the physical and human geography of North America, took a road trip around the USA, looked at similarities and differences between the USA and UK.


Please check out our topic key learning where you will find

the ‘key’ knowledge for this half term. 

Our topic in Spring 1 was 'Mega Mayans'.

We learnt about the Maya Civilisation - where the Mayans lived, important Mayan places, their daily life, why the Gods were so important to their religion and important inventions of the Mayan Civilisation.


Please check out our topic key learning where you will find

the ‘key’ knowledge for this half term. 


Our topic in Autumn 2 was 'Mighty Mountains'.

We learnt lots of facts about mountains including the world's highest peaks, how mountains were formed and main features of a mountain environment. 


Please check out our topic key learning where you will find

the ‘key’ knowledge for this half term. 

Our topic in Autumn 1 was ‘Ancient Egypt’.

We went back in time to Ancient Egypt and learnt about many aspects

of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation.


Please check out our topic key learning where you will find

the ‘key’ knowledge for this half term. 

w/c 23/05

Design and Technology

The class made their chariots and then evaluated their finished products against the original design brief - to build a light, strong and fast chariot, 2 wheels, be pulled by horses, carry 2 passengers around an amphitheatre. 

w/c 09/05/2022


In Science, the class learnt about how sound is made and how it travels using paper cup telephones. 

Map Symbols and Map Orienteering

In PE, the class were introduced to map symbols which they would find on an orienteering map through a matching game and then shown how to use map orienteering skills to move around a cone course.

w/c 02/05/2022

Roman Chariots - prototypes

In Design and Technology, the children have started a project to design and make a Roman chariot. The children learnt about how axles and wheels work together to make a vehicle move and then had to choose from a selection of materials to develop a prototype - joining wheels and axles and then attaching a chassis. I think you will be impressed with their prototypes. smiley 

Michael visited the Roman event at the Ancient Technology Centre and brought something into school to show his classmates. Can you guess what it might be? surprise

w/c 25/04/2022

Sparkly Starter - The Romans

The class enjoyed making Roman catapults in their 'Sparkly Starter' this week. The children were able to test how effective their designs were by firing different types of ammunition (ping pong balls, pine cones, pom poms, cotton wool balls and Lego) in the playground and using metre sticks to see who could achieve the greatest firing range.  We had some interesting results. 

w/c 11/04/2022

Fantastic Finish - Amazing America

Oak Class finished their learning on 'Amazing America' by making and baking mini apple pies. The children took turns to worked on the different food stations and were involved in rolling and cutting the pastry, preparing the apples, making the sugar/spice mixture to add to the apples, adding the filling to their pastry cases and making a lattice top for their pies. But I think their favourite part was eating the leftover pie fillingsmiley

Goodbye to the chicks!

The class enjoyed having a last cuddle with the chicks before the Easter break. 

w/c 04/04/2022

States of Matter - Gases

The class enjoyed learning about gas through a series of experiments. 

w/c 28/03/2022

Heath Academy Football Tournament

Well done to the Year 4 football teams who took part in the Heath Academy Football Tournament today. You were all a credit to Oakhurst First School. All children showed such positive sportsmanship towards each other and the players from all the other schools throughout the tournament and played extremely well. Congratulations to the boys team which came joint first with the team from St. Ives School and a big thanks to the girls team for playing with such determination. A special mention to Kash who won the award for sportsman of the tournament. (Pictures of the girls tournament to follow.)

w/c 14/03


Oak Class enjoyed doing printing this half term. Using patterns from around the world, the children created designs and then etched their designs onto Styrofoam to make a template. They then used this template to do some Monoprinting. 


w/c 28/02/2022

World Book Day

As part of World Book Day, Oak Class enjoyed re-creating the covers of some of their favourite books. 

Healthy Eating - AFC Bournemouth

This week our class was visited by the AFC Bournemouth team, ho spoke to the children about Healthy Eating. 

w/c 28/02/2022

Sparkly Starter - Amazing America

Oak Class enjoyed a 'USA Road Trip' to kick off their new topic. They had to use their map reading skills, along with Atlases to find cities and states in the USA and then answer questions about each city. 

w/c 14/02/2022


In PE we played the ball game 'Pok-a-Tok'.  Pok-a-Tok was a ball game played by the ancient Maya well over 1000 years ago. Pok-A-Tok is like a cross between football and basketball—except much, much more difficult to play. The object of the game is for the two opposing side to try and hit the ball into a hoop. Players could only pass and shoot the ball using their heads, wrists, shoulders, thighs and hips. Using hands or feet was not allowed. The losing team, or sometimes just their captain, could be sacrificed to the gods. Don't worry though, there were no sacrifices after our games - all children were sent home safely!

Talk 4 Writing Development Day

In Literacy, the Year 4 children started their shared write for their new T4W unit and the privilege of being taught by Jamie Thomas from the T4W training team. 

w/c 07/02/2022

Mayan Art

In Art the class have been learning about Mayan art and the murals found in the Bonampak Temple in 1946 by photographer, Giles Healey.  This week they have been using viewfinders to help focus on small areas of the murals and then the class created sketches of what they could see. 

Congratulations to our Blue Peter Badge Winner

A big congratulations to Kimberley who received her silver and green Blue Peter badges for sending a poster about litter and a Christmas poem into the Blue Peter team.

Talk for Writing - retelling Zelda Claw and the rain cat

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Final ukulele performances

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