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Beech (Year 2)

Welcome to Year 2 Beech class page!

A warm welcome from the Beech class team.

Summer 2: Set sail 

Get ready to hoist the sail and steer the way! This half term we will learn about pirates from the past and in particular a local pirate called Harry Paye from Poole. Furthermore, we will learn about Christopher Columbus and Grace Darling. In Geography, we will learn about the seven continents and the five oceans using world maps. In Science, we will carry out experiments to understand what plants need to survive and thrive. 

Summer 1: Our Wonderful World 

Last half term, we compared life in the UK to life in Hawaii. We compared both the human and physical features. In addition to this, we learnt about extreme weather events and the simple properties of mountains, rivers and coasts. In art lessons, we learnt to mix paints to create different colours and shades. 


Spring 2: Habitats 

In the Spring term, we learnt about livings things and their habitats. We visited Marwell zoo and saw different habitats first hand. In Art created different collages and improved our cutting skills. In DT, we created some healthy dishes and learnt about where our food comes from. This linked in with our healthy me unit in PSHE and how to make healthy lifestyle choices. 



Spring 1: Castles, knights and dragons

In the Autumn term we learnt about castles and how the Norman invasion changed the way they were built. Moreover, we learnt about a local castle - Corfe Castle. We learnt the traditional story of Jack and the beanstalk and built our storyteller skills. Furthermore, we designed and built a drawbridge as well as sculptures of castles. 

Autumn 2: Oakhurst's Toy shop!


In the Autumn term, we learnt to retell the traditional story of the Elves and the Shoemaker. This inspired us to open our very own shop at Oakhurst! We designed and made both toys and games. Through perseverance, we learnt new sewing skills. 

Autumn 1: The Victorians 

At the start of the year, we went back over 150 years to the Victorian era to learn about what life was like in Victorian Britain and all the great inventions during this time. 


Please check out our topic key learning where you will find the ‘key’ knowledge we will be learning each half term.