Invisible Forces!

This week Traction Man has tasked Maple Class with undertaking a couple of scientific investigations to help him save the spoons who had fallen off the kitchen cupboard and also some paperclips who had fallen into a deep sink. The investigations helped the class continue to increase their knowledge about the invisible forces of friction and magnetism.

In the first investigation, Traction Man needed to use a ramp to get down from the kitchen cupboard in his car. The class had to predict which ramp they should choose to get him there the quickest: a ramp covered in carpet, foam, wood or sandpaper.

In the second investigation, the class had to rescue paperclips from the bottom of the sink but couldn't use their hands or put things in the water. Traction Man gave them a spoon, pipet, string and a magnet. Maple Class were very surprised with their discoveries.

The children experimented further with the magnets and some found they could even make their spoons magnetic and use these to get the paper clips out of the water.

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