Our Vision

Oakhurst 57.jpg

"From little acorns mighty oaks grow"



  • At Oakhurst Community First and Nursery School our curriculum is designed to inspire our children and encourage them to be inquisitive so they develop a love and thirst for learning and want to come to school.

  • Our curriculum design has ensured we have high ambitions and expectations for all of our children and provide them with a broad range of memorable experiences so they have strong dreams and ambitions about their future paths.

  • Our curriculum encourages our children to develop reciprocal and collaborative skills so they build positive relationships, have strong sense of team and become respectful, valued members of the community.

  • Building resilience in a nurturing environment is threaded through our curriculum so children feel loved, safe, valued and have belief in themselves and are able to tackle and face challenges in a positive way.

  • Progression in all areas of the curriculum builds on what the children already know, encourages them to make links and develops the skills and knowledge they need in order to move onto the next stage of their education.