"From little acorns mighty oaks grow"

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Headteacher: Mrs Ann Clark

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Oakhurst Community First & Nursery School

Shaftesbury Road, West Moors

Dorset. BH22 0DY.

Oak Class

Learning in Year 4


The curriculum is organised into topics for each half term and objectives for each subject are taught through these topics where possible. Links are also made in our Literacy learning and writing is used across all curriculum areas. Maths is taught through the INSPIRE maths scheme.


Autumn 1

Topic - Anglo-Saxons

This includes looking at when they existed and where the Anglo-Saxons came from. The children will also find out how the Anglo-Saxons lived including: village life; their religion and beliefs; artefacts and culture; conversion to Christianity and the discovery at Sutton Hoo.

Science – Animals including humans

Our Science work will focus on ‘Animals’, including humans. The children will learn about the human digestive system and will identify the different types of teeth humans have.  We will also look at types of food animals eat.


Autumn 2

Topic – Walk of Fame

This will involve exploring America and famous people that live there; past and present. On a map of America the children will plot states, seas and rivers, and will identify locations where hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes have occurred. The children will also research Thomas Edison, Neil Armstrong and Walt Disney.

Science – States of Matter

Our science work will focus on ‘States of Matter’. The children will describe similarities and differences between solids, liquids and gases. They will understand that liquids can be changed to a solid by freezing and that some solids can be changed to a liquid by melting.  They will also mix different solids and will separate these by sieving and filtering.


Spring 1

Topic – Vicious Vikings?

This will include looking at when they existed and where the Vikings came from. The children will also find out how the Vikings lived, including studying: village life; how they travelled in longboats and their religion and beliefs.

Science – Living Things and their Habitats

The children will compare different habitats, noting how animals adapt to their environment. The children will construct food chains and will sort and organize different creatures using scientific ‘keys’.


Spring 2

Topic – Local Area

The children will look at a range of maps and photographs of West Moors. They will then use these to identify how the land has been used. They will also see how our village has developed over time.

Science - Sound

The children will explore how sounds are made and how vibrations travel to our ears. They will also manipulate objects to change the pitch of the sounds they create.


Summer 1

Topic – Ancient Egypt

The children will be using maps to find out where Ancient Egypt was and exploring when this period existed, as well as finding out about the pyramids, the pharaohs and mummification.

Science – Electricity

The children will construct a simple series circuit, including adding in a switch. They will also explore which materials do and do not conduct electricity.


Summer 2

Topic – Moving On

As well as thinking about how the children will be moving to their new schools at the end of the term, they will also examine  how and why people move from place to place, including emigrating to another country.

Science – Water Cycle

The children will observe how materials change state when they are cooled or heated. We will also identify where evaporation and condensation feature in the ‘Water Cycle’.    

During this term, the Year 4 children also go on a Residential Trip, this year it will be to Hooke Court.