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Friday 15th May, 2020

Dear parents and carers,


We are preparing for the wider opening of our school from the 1st June 2020. We will be following the government guidance, which can be found here:

Please read the guidance documents as these detail the reasons for our new way of working.


The new way of operation will be challenging for us all and the guidance recognises the challenge of social distancing young children, “We know that, unlike older children and adults, early years and primary age children cannot be expected to remain 2 metres apart from each other and staff.” (Implementing Protective Measures in Education and Childcare Settings, published May 12th 2020)

However, we will be implementing the government measures and minimising the risk of contamination as far as reasonably possible.


On Tuesday 2nd June 2020, we will welcome our Reception children back to school. In order to ensure we have staggered start and finish times, they will attend from 8.20am to 2.20pm daily from then on.


On Wednesday 3rd June 2020, we will also welcome our Year One children back on site. They will attend from 8.30am to 2.30pm daily from then on.


On Thursday 4th June 2020, our oldest nursery children, who are due to start the Reception class in September 2020, will return to school. There will be one nursery session daily from then on, from 10.30am to 1.30pm. We will only be offering this one nursery session for this group of nursery children until the end of this term.


Children who have already been attending school due to being classed as vulnerable or having key worker parents, will continue in the way they have been, until their year group returns to school. If the initial wider return to school is successful, and the public health situation continues to improve, we will continue the admission for more pupils in the coming weeks. We will give you more information about this at a later date.


At the allotted drop off or collection time, please wait at two metre distances along the pavement outside the school gate. The school site, including the car park will remain fully closed apart from staff, children and essential deliveries.  Please do not arrive early or late, as we must not have any gatherings outside our school. The school staff will then open the gate, as you arrive at the school gate, and the children will walk in or out on an individual basis. You will then need to leave the area as quickly as possible to allow for the next group of children. Please do not walk home in groups. If you miss your allotted time, it is likely other groups will be entering or leaving school and we will be unable to greet and handover your child until this has taken place.


In school, the children will be in groups of no more than 15 children. Therefore, in order that we can plan these smaller groups, please let us know whether or not you intend to send your child back to school, (if your child is in one of these groups only).

You can do this by emailing the school office -


As our teaching staff will be providing in school learning, the online learning will not be posted by the class teacher as each year group returns to face to face learning. If you decide to continue with home learning, you will be required to use the government online resources, which are available here:


During this summer term, our learning will be focusing very much on the outdoors. Therefore, please send your child in their school jumper, if possible, with their own T-shirt, trousers or joggers and trainers, to make the most of our grounds (they do not need to wear full uniform). Shorts or summer dresses will not be suitable. Bring a waterproof coat if the weather suggests it might rain, however, larger fabric coats should remain at home. Please apply a suitable amount of sunscreen before school. We will not be able to apply this during the school day. Any spare clothes, which may be needed for nursery children, should come into school in a sealed bag. They will remain in school unless used, and then will be returned home for washing.


Children are not required to wear a face mask, as the guidance states, “Wearing a face covering or face mask in schools or other education settings is not recommended’. (Implementing Protective Measures in Education and Childcare Settings, published May 12th 2020)


We will be asking that, if reasonably possible, clean clothes be worn each day to minimise the risk of contamination. Book bags and PE kits will not be required for the same reason. 


School lunches will take place outside as a picnic, if at all possible, and in our smaller groups of fifteen at staggered times. Packed lunches from Chartwells will be provided for all Reception and Year One as they are entitled to universal free school meals, so Reception and Year One children will not require a packed lunch to be provided from home. Nursery children are able to purchase a school packed lunch from Chartwells and we would prefer this and would encourage you to do so. If  however, you choose to provide a suitable lunch and drink from home, it must be  in a disposable bag or wrapping (no lunchboxes or pots). The children will not require snacks from home, fruit will be provided. All children will require a water bottle, which they will take to and from school each day. We will not be providing school cups for them to use.


As the guidance dictates, all soft furnishings and items that are more difficult to keep clean, have been removed from the classrooms. Therefore, please support us in keeping all non-essential items at home.


The government guidance is explicit about school drop off and pick up. Only one parent should do this and social distancing must be in place as you wait at the school gate. Parents must not gather outside the school.  Please arrive at your allotted time, when school staff will be ready to meet your children safely.

The guidance states that, “Parents, carers and settings do not need to take children’s temperatures every morning. Routine testing of an individual’s temperature is not a reliable method for identifying coronavirus”. (Implementing Protective Measures in Education and Childcare Settings, published May 12th 2020)

Therefore, in line with the guidance, we will no longer take temperatures before admission to the school site. However, we ask that parents remain vigilant for symptoms of Coronavirus and do not send their child to school if they are displaying any symptoms. You should then follow the procedure for self-isolating the household.


We are mindful of the worry and stress this situation has had on our children and will be planning activities to support their health and wellbeing during the next seven weeks. We will do as much of this as possible outside, as we recognise the amount of time we have all spent staying at home.


To support the return to school, please talk to your child about going back to school. Please explain that they will be saying ‘goodbye’ at the school gate and then be walking to their classroom with their teacher and teaching assistant. This will help with the drop off time, as the children must walk into school independently to meet the waiting staff, who will be at the required two metre distance. Staff members will not be able to support you with physical contact during drop off time.


If you need to contact the school, please continue to email us. Our office will remain closed to all but essential visitors.


Our hygiene practices will take place throughout the day. Cleaning and hand washing will take place at regular intervals throughout the day. Where possible, there will be no use of shared equipment.


We will be applying our best endeavours to make this wider return to school as safe as possible. However, we will be constantly reviewing our procedures during this time as we refine and improve our safer working practice. Please support the safety measures so it is as safe as possible in these unprecedented times.



Many kind regards, as always,


Ann Clark

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