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16th June 2020

Dear parents and carers,


Apologies in advance for another lengthy email! As you know we are very keen to welcome all of our children back into school as soon as possible. I am very pleased to say that yesterday afternoon the government published updated guidance allowing us to invite more pupils back to school, if we are able to do so safely.

Therefore we can now put plans in place to offer some time to all pupils in school before the end of this academic year.


However, providing space and staffing to invite back every year group in bubbles of no more than 15 children, is proving to be very challenging and it is impossible for us to offer all our children the opportunity to return full time under the current restrictions. I was hopeful that we would be able to utilise space kindly offered to us at Pinehurst Chapel, but the latest guidance clearly states that ‘other community buildings (such as village halls) should not be used to expand capacity this term, while they remain closed in line with the government’s roadmap’

Therefore, we are able to invite all Year 2 children back to school from Monday 22nd June 2020 from 8.40 am to 2.40 pm Mondays-Thursdays only due to staffing restrictions on a Friday. We will be sending Year 2 parents further arrangements regarding this tomorrow and are very happy to welcome as many Year 2 children back, whose parents feel ready for them to return.


From Monday 29th June we are hoping to welcome children from Years 3 and 4 back into school, however, it is not going to be possible to have all the children from these year groups back full time. Therefore we are asking parents of children in Years 3 and 4 to let us know by Friday 19th June if they wish their child to return. The number of children wishing to return will guide us in what we will be able to offer. Please email to let us know if you would like your child to return.


If your child has been attending school in the Keyworker group they will continue to do so until their class returns, and will then attend with their year group once they return. We will speak to these children’s parents regarding the changes we are making.


If there are brothers or sisters, please attend at the earlier timings if possible to alleviate the need to wait outside.

Nursery timings and attendance will continue in the current format until the end of term. This is because we are unable to accommodate different groups of children during the same day in the same classroom.


Obviously as the children return to school, the online learning posted by our teachers will stop. This is because the teachers will be in front of the class all day and unable to devote the time to both online learning and face to face teaching. If you choose to keep your child at home, you will need to follow the government online learning sites. These are available here:


We realise that this plan is not perfect, but hope it provides some support during these strange and difficult times. It is a slow and steady plan, but already we have been informed that more younger children will attend as their older brothers or sisters also return to school. Therefore, we have no option but to increase attendance in a week by week system. We are committed to providing the opportunity to attend school if you, as parents, feel this decision is right for you and your family. Obviously, if any family member is shielding, or if your child is classified as clinically vulnerable, you must consider the health needs as a priority.



This attendance plan will continue until the end of this term, which hopefully will help us with our planning for the autumn term. We hope to reintroduce our breakfast and after school provision in September, if we are able to do so safely. However, there is no information about our responsibilities for the new school year as yet, but please be assured we are keen to ensure our learners are not disadvantaged by the recent public health crisis. We will, of course, keep you updated as new information is published.

Warmest regards,


Take care,



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