"From little acorns mighty oaks grow"

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Headteacher: Mrs Ann Clark

Tel: 01202 871577

Email: office@oakhurstfirst.com

Oakhurst Community First & Nursery School

Shaftesbury Road, West Moors

Dorset. BH22 0DY.

Pine Class

Learning in Reception


The curriculum is organised into topics for each half term and objectives for each subject are taught through these topics where possible. Links are also made in our Literacy learning and writing is used across all curriculum areas. Maths is taught through hands on activities and games.


Autumn 1 – All about me

This includes learning about ourselves, our family and our school. We paint pictures of ourselves through looking in the mirror and draw a picture of our family. We learn about what happens in the school and act it out in the role play school. We find out about what we like and dislike and what we like to do at the weekend. We also learn about the changing seasons and what happens during Autumn time.


Autumn 2 – Wonderland, Wishes and Wolves

This includes learning about nursery rhymes and traditional tales. In this topic we make wands, potions and spells. We make a clay pot for a wishing stone and use our imaginations to make a special wish.

The children write letters to Santa and we will be organising a trip to take the children to the local post box to post their letter.



Spring 1 – Who are our hero’s?

This half term we learn about ‘Who are our Hero’s?’ We learn about all the different people who help us, from people at home, school and out in the community. We find out about the jobs they do, what they wear and what equipment they need to do their job. Ferndown Fire Service visit us to demonstrate their equipment in the fire engine and show us their protective clothing. We learn about fire safety and how to keep safe. The role play is a Fire Station and Café for the children to practice what they have learnt. We make and paint fire engines, write invitations and thank you letters for visitors to the classroom. We also learn about nurses and doctors who take care of us, as well as dentists, police and vets.


Spring 2 – Roots, Shoots and Muddy Boots

This topic is about growing. We learn about how plants, people and animals grow. We plant vegetables and flowers and watch them grow. We look at how we have changed since we were a baby and how animals grow up. We go on bug hunts, visit the pond and learn about the life cycle of a frog. We will learn the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.


Summer 1 – We are explorers

This includes learning about dinosaurs and fossils. They will also learn about different habitats such as rainforests and jungles. We make clay fossils and dinosaur eggs. The role play is an explorers cave.


Summer 2 – Treasure Island

This will include learning about the seaside, pirates and under the sea. The role play will be a beach, where the children can act out being on holiday and writing postcards. They will make pirate hats, eye patches and draw and label treasure maps.