"From little acorns mighty oaks grow"

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Headteacher: Mrs Ann Clark

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Oakhurst Community First & Nursery School

Shaftesbury Road, West Moors

Dorset. BH22 0DY.

Maple Class

Learning in Year 3


The curriculum is organised into topics for each half term and objectives for each subject are taught through these topics where possible. Links are also made in our Literacy learning and writing is used across all curriculum areas. Maths is taught through the INSPIRE maths scheme.


Autumn 1 – Where to settle

In this topic the children learn about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. They learn about a local historical landmark and enjoy creating Stone Age jewellery. Within Science the children learn about different rocks and expand their scientific vocabulary. This Science unit links in with the topic and aids the children in their understanding. Within writing they create their own stories based on the Stone Age and create fact files using the information they have learnt across the topic. Within PE the children learn to improve their gymnastic skills and are taught by specialist coaches for Tennis. The computing focus for this half term is animation, where the children use a programme called scratch to create their own film with music.


Autumn 2 – Who done it?

All children love being detectives and finding out why! In this topic, the children become crime detectives to solve a range of problems using their investigative skills. They use atlases, globes and Google Earth to investigate places in the world, focusing on countries that make up Great Britain and Europe. They look at key physical and human characteristics of countries and their major cities. They name and locate counties and cities in the United Kingdom. In Science, they look at flowering plants, recognising the different parts and knowing what their functions are. They set up a range of investigations to test just how important the different parts are for plant growth and survival.


Spring 1 – Greece is the word

For this topic the children learn all about Ancient Greece! They study Greek life by looking at their achievements and influence on the modern western world. They start by looking at who the Greeks were and what daily life was like for them. They research about the Ancient Greek Empire and find out when it was most powerful. They look at famous Greek Gods as well as myths and legends, linking with literacy and art. They find out who some of the famous Greeks were and what role they had during this era. In Science, they learn about light! This includes investigating how shadows are made as well as trying to find patterns in how shadow sizes change. They look at how light reflects off surfaces and investigate why some surfaces do this better than others. They discuss how powerful sunlight can be and how we can protect our eyes from the sun.



Spring 2 – The Rainforest

In this topic, they explore about rainforests and find out where they are found. They focus on the rainforests in South America and compare these to the landscape within Dorset. They study a variety of rainforest animals and learn how they adapt to rainforest life. They explore the impact of deforestation on animals that live in the rainforest. They also compare the lives of rainforest children to their own lives here in Dorset. In Science they learn about animals in this half term.

They look at the importance of nutrition, find out about skeletons and muscles; vertebrates and invertebrates and how different parts of the body have special jobs. They look at rainforest animals and how these compare to animals in this country.


Summer 1 – The Romans are coming

For this topic, the children learn all about The Romans and their impact on Britain. They find out why the Romans invaded Britain and when. Furthermore, they discover what daily life was like during Roman times, particularly Roman soldiers. They focus on their uniforms and duties that they undertook.  In addition to this, they study the Celtic rebellion against the Romans led by Boudicca. They also look at pictures of Roman artefacts to try to discover more about the Romans. Additionally, they use atlases to help do some map work to show where the Romans invaded, focusing on the Roman Empire. In Science, they enhance their knowledge of plants. They investigate the way in which water is transported within plants by undertaking interesting experiments involving straws, potatoes and food colouring! They also explore the part that flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants, including pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal.


Summer 2 – Superheroes

For this topic, the children learn about extreme weather and where volcanic eruptions occur. They watch videos of extreme weather events such as tornadoes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes. They also identify and label parts of a volcano. Additionally, they read weather graphs and compare temperatures, rainfall and wind speeds. They locate the most dangerous places on earth and imagine they are Superman protecting the world from harm. To celebrate the end of this topic, the children have a superhero themed day! During Science, they learn about forces and magnets, finding out what a force is and how it is measured. They develop an understanding of magnetic and non-magnetic materials. They also investigate how things move on different surfaces and set up simple fair-tests. They learn to record their findings in tables and bar charts.