"From little acorns mighty oaks grow"

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Headteacher: Mrs Ann Clark

Tel: 01202 871577

Email: office@oakhurstfirst.com

Oakhurst Community First & Nursery School

Shaftesbury Road, West Moors

Dorset. BH22 0DY.

Beech Class

Learning in Year 2


The curriculum is organised into topics for each half term and objectives for each subject are taught through these topics where possible. Links are also made in our Literacy learning and writing is used across all curriculum areas. Maths is taught through the INSPIRE maths scheme.


Autumn 1 - What a Wonderful World

This includes locating countries, continents and oceans as well as their own locality. We develop global awareness by looking in detail at the continents and oceans in relation to the U.K. In Science we find out about the basic needs of animals, including humans, for survival. We look at the lifecycles of a range of animals and the importance for humans of exercise, eating the right amounts of different types of food and good hygiene.

We visit ‘Safewise’ to learn about safety at home and on the roads.


Autumn 2 - Remember, Remember!

This includes looking at the gunpowder plot, the role of the conspirators and seeing how it is still recognised today. We also look at Remembrance Day and the First World War and how these too are remembered and commemorated. In Science we look at a variety of materials and why they are used for particular uses. We compare their suitability for particular purposes and also look at how materials can be changed.

We go to a whole school pantomime.


Spring 1 - Magical Moving Maps

This includes using our map skills and making moving pictures based on stories. In Science we learn about a variety of habitats and the animals that live there. We make observations of a local habitat and the creatures that live there as well as research a range of global habitats and how the living things that live there are suited to their environments.


Spring 2 - Perfect Portraits

This includes comparing the lives of two monarchs and looking at a variety of portraits and then doing portraits of our own. In Science we look at a variety of plants and identify those we can eat and those we can’t. We follow instructions to plant seeds and bulbs and look at the conditions needed for different plants to grow well.


Summer 1 - Interesting Islands

We learn about the geography of St. Lucia and compare it to the Isle of Wight and the U.K. We look at life on St. Lucia and find out about their greatest export – bananas! We will look at tourism on St Lucia and compare it to tourism in this country. In Science we look at the environment and how we impact on it.


Summer 2 - Fire, Fire!

This includes looking at the Great Fire of London and thinking about how it started and why it spread. We look at different ways we can find out about the fire and about the eyewitness accounts of Samuel Pepys. In Science we look at scientists and inventors and how they shape our everyday lives.

We have a theatre group visit us to help us understand the Great Fire of London in a fun and practical way.